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Vderma know what it is. In children most often it is the location in the tail of the eyebrow and the part behind the earlobe. Large cysts in the tail of the eyebrow can give vision problems, so we should not take consult. Warts of the foot are caused by a virus of the family of human papillomavirus, or HPV type 1 HPV is a virus that spreads through direct


remove skin lesions without damaging normal surrounding tissues. - Only if they recommend treating pain or no doubt about the diagnosis. Can you come back? Yes, it may be that injuries reappearing. This is due not only to greater susceptibiliad of the person but also because sometimes after treatment is any infected cell. How do you treat them? 1. Cream salicylic acid (20-40%) Salicylic acid is gradually destroying cells infected by papillomavirus. It should


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